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For years friends would say, "Barney, you have such an amazing story, someone should write a book!" So I did. I wrote every word! After all, it's my story: I lived it.
Here's your opportunity to purchase my book and learn the inside story of the Tight Lies golf club.  
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    The Wow Factor
    Reviews and Comments:
      Tom Watson   I highly recommend this book to golfers & anyone involved with business leadership.
    -Tom Watson
      Jim Dodson   Barney Adams was Ely Callaway's choice to succeed him at Callaway Golf. Read this book to know why.
    - Jim Dodson (author, Final Rounds)
      Jim Hardy   Barney single-handedly changed how clubs are invented, introduced, marketed, distributed, and sold. His tremendous success is a testament to what can be done with out-of-the-box thinking and persistence.
    -Jim Hardy (author, The Plane Truth for Golfers)
      Dallas News  
      Every time Mr. Adams nearly succumbed to the competitive forces of the golf industry, he'd remember those WOW (moments) and keep going.  
  • The most important golf book of 2008.
      Business Week Golf Digest  
      Barney Adams was the classic "overnight success" in the golf business.  
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